Kim Thomas

I’m a freelance journalist, editor and copywriter who specialises in producing sparkling copy about health, education and social care. My work appears regularly in national newspapers and business publications. When it comes to copywriting, I’ve turned my hand to customer magazines, websites, marketing brochures and lesson plans for a range of corporates and charities. My 2013 book Birth Trauma has received glowing reviews on Amazon, and a second edition was published in September 2020.

The Guardian is one of my biggest clients, but I’ve also written for the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Independent, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Medium and numerous specialist publications such as the BMJ, Digital Health, Computing, Practical Patient Care, Public Finance and Acuity, a CPD magazine for optometrists. Although most of my journalism involves writing news and features, I’ve also published opinion pieces in the Spectator, the Critic and Uncancelled. Read more about Kim